• You can join us by praying. Prayer for God’s servants is important and powerful (Ephesians 6:19,20; Colossians 4:3,4)! Contact us at churchwhisperer@gmail.com to receive our monthly, emailed prayer letter.
  • You can join us by giving. Giving is a legitimate and important way of truly entering into the ministry of a servant of God.  As with prayer, by giving to us, there is a sense in which you are right there with us “on site.”

Our desire is to be able to help churches of all sizes, so we’re doing this work on a missionary basis as much as possible.  We are charging for some of our services but putting the costs on a sliding scale, with larger churches paying more.   Smaller churches don’t have line items in their budgets for consultants, but they do have missionary budgets. For this reason, I’m asking churches to add me to their missionary team.

Support from individuals is helpful too!

I am happy to be a member of Church Assistance Ministry (CAM), a group of sixteen, non-denominational consultants. Being a CAM member allows its consultants to learn from each other, exchange resources, make referrals, be accountable to each other and provide their supporters with 501 © 3 tax exempt status.  Direct giving and stock giving options are available. Learn more about CAM at churchassistanceministry.org.

All financial support is greatly appreciated and should be sent to:

Church Assistance Ministry
PO Box 2623
Santa Clarita, CA  91386-2623

Please write “Brian Thorstad-430” on the memo line of your check.

You can join us by referring. You may know of a pastor or church which could use my help.  Give them my contact information or give me some contact information and I’ll get in touch with them.  We serve both denominational and non-denominational evangelical churches throughout the United States.  

You can join us as a “secret seeker.”  Secret seekers visit churches on Sunday mornings and take notes on what they experience.  In the process of doing church assessments, we visit congregations ourselves, but there’s nothing stealthy about our visits as the church knows that we’re coming.  Is this something you could help us with?