Brian and his wife Donna were both raised in religious homes in rural Wisconsin. As a truth- seeking, “hippie” college freshman, Brian was introduced to the exciting possibility of a personal relationship with Christ through a college campus ministry.  While he had been raised in a church, he had never asked THE Savior to become HIS Savior. During his ensuing fifteen- month struggle with the Christian gospel, Brian realized that actually trusting in Christ would mean a whole new life.  That new life began in January of 1972.

Two and a half years later, a miserable, 21 year-old Donna was led to Christ on her doorstep by Brian. Forty-six years of “follow-up” have resulted.

Brian has had a passion for vibrantly healthy churches for his entire Christian life. A zeal for churches which not only “get along” but which joyfully turn unbelievers into followers of Jesus grew steadily through four decades of involvement in churches.

In 2003 the Thorstads felt led to leave their long-term pastorate in the Milwaukee area and launch out into redevelopment transitional (or interim) ministry. After much study and training, fifteen years, seven transitional pastorates, and ten moves, Brian felt that God had used all he had learned and experienced to prepare him for a church consulting ministry.

This led to his church health work with the Evangelical Free Church of America and now, to a consulting ministry with Church Assistance Ministry (CAM).  The Thorstads live in Wisconsin Rapids, WI. Their son, daughter-in-law and two grandsons reside in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.